Practice Areas

Why You Should Choose Altar Advocates.

Our team of lawyers at Altar Advocates is made up of men and women from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They are personally well-acquainted with the challenges of our times and the peculiarities of our environment to resolve every legal challenge to the satisfaction of the client.

What We Are Expert At

Legal Practice Areas

Cyber Law, Media & Communication

Use of the internet is the reality of our world. Along with it individuals and organisations daily face unfamiliar exposures from hackers, identity thieves and faulty ligitimate transactions. We provide interpretation services, negotiations, consumer protection and issues resolution across board.

Maritime and Transportation

Our maritime services include providing legal, regulatory and commercial support to our clients on the activities overseen by agencies of government such as the Nigerian Ports Authority, Nigeria Customs Service, National Inland Waterways Authority, the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency as well as the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

Entertainment & Intellectual property

We procure patents, trademarks and copyrights for our clients. Our other services in this practice area include trade secrets protection and data privacy and security.

Real Estate Solutions

With the growth of the real estate sector in Nigeria, we provide advisory services and represent clients (individual owners, developers, financiers and investors) in negotiation, acquisition and property management. We focus on shielding them from risks of fautly titles and outright losses.


Our litigation teams are smart and well-focused to ensure that there are no representation gaps during court sessions in both Civil and Criminal trials.

Our cases are diligently appraised, analysed to determine the appropriate and effective trial strategy, which is applied conscentiously.

Working the criminal justice system in Nigeria requires skill and diligence to secure the rights of accused persons. We have secured the release of several persons whose cases seemed helpless on account of their disadvantaged backgrounds, tapping into our network of law enforcement contacts.

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

At the advisory level, we look critically through transaction-creating documents and creatively craft positvely binding agreements for our clients. And when disputes arise, we first and foremost explore suitable Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms — negotiation, mediation and arbitration — to advert litigation. Even during litigation, the door is left open for mediation resolutions.

Corporate Law Solutions

Under our corporate law practice, we provide such services as the incorporation of companies, protection of rights of shareholders, manage the interests of company directors, skillfully craft articles of association, and organize companies’ secretarial matters. Other services include representing our clients in financing deals arrangements and documentation.

We also pay attention to employee-employer matters by ensuring that our employer-client complies with extant employment laws and policies, while supporting employees to obtain meaningful redress where their rights are violated.

Banking and Investment Solutions

Our services are tailored to provide solutions to the everyday consumer of banking services who is often left confounded by peculiar banking policies that affect their account balance.

We tackle issues of inexplicable deductions and debits, illegal charges and support our clients to pursue the recovery of unwarranted deductions through forensic account audits.

With keen focus on strengthening small and medium scale businesses, we guide our clients in their pre-importation commitments. We offer our clients guidance to avoid transaction pitfalls that lead to expensive litigation, especially during sales negotiations.

Environmental Solutions

We guide our clients to appreciate environmental risks in their operations from the point of view of the laws governing their industries. We proactively support them to meet statutory compliances and secure licenses and permits.

We also leverage our partner’s oil and gas background to chaperone host communities to secure their entitlements and ensure that their environmental rights are protected.